are you a physician who’s tired of feeling tired? 

     who longs for the fulFilling life in clinic practice you once envisioned?

     you’re in the right place

Melissa Kwak, MD// Certified Life Coach

You thought medicine would keep you intellectually stimulated                             

but it now seems monotonous and dull. 

You were eager and energetic…                         

but now find yourself irritable and exhausted.

You believed a career in medicine would be fulfilling…

but you don’t feel fulfilled. 

You wonder if this is really it. 

a part of you believes it’s not.

You want more, you’re just not sure how.

You’re Not Alone.

Hey! I’m Melissa!

I’m a practicing family physician and life coach.

Up until recently I was feeling much like you are now.  

I was sad and confused to find my dream career felt so unfulfilling. 

I was waffling between the 2 options I could see:

1) Push myself to be even more resilient (Was this possible?!? What does that even look like?).

2) Give in to the contempt I sensed creeping up in me, perpetuate my hate for the healthcare system and culture of medicine that wasn’t what I had thought it would be, and accept this as my new reality, the new me.

I didn’t love either option.

Thankfully, spoiler alert, those aren’t the only 2 options. But, it took some outside help to open my brain to other possibilities.  

And THAT is what coaching is all about. 

We humans get stuck in our ways of thinking and seeing the world. 

Then a time comes when we find ourselves in a conundrum that feels like a dead end.

But the truth is, there is always another way. 

The great news is, we are never stuck.

As your coach I’ll be the outside perspective to help you take off the human blinders and see a new world of possibilities.  From there, you get to pick. 

You’ll know exactly what to do.  

I can’t think of much better way to spend our time than figuring out how to experience our short time on this planet in a way that is meaningful and enjoyable to us, can you? 

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